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Why choose our Slide & Tilt Systems?

We are the original manufacturers of plastic components on the Slide and Tilt systems that have been proved over the last 7 years.

Market leading 1st tier supplier. 

Quicker to install.

Massive cost savings on all items.

Retro fit in to existing systems.

Designed, Moulded and assembled at our UK factory.

We work with the end user to make to your exact needs.

A fix once and forget system.

Your name and logo incorporated into the products.

No mild steel parts means no rust, we only use plastic, aluminium and stainless.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best products and customer service for your Emergency Vehicle storage solutions at lower prices.

We have been manufacturing and developing the slide and tilt system from the very first plastic designed many years ago, being the main manufacturer to the only plastic slide and tilt system and being one of the main driving forces getting it in to the market.

We have spoken to various Vehicle Builders and have listened to all comments on how the system can be improved and have incorporated all points in to our new system.

The results have been outstanding.

  • 60,000 cycles (54.9% of test) @ 35kg
  • 35,385 cycles (32.4% of test) @ 95kg
  • 13,878 cycles (12.7% of test) @155kg - test stopped
  • total cycles 109,263

We aim for next day delivery on all stocked parts

We will bring you:-

Slide and Tilt systems that have been redesigned to bring you better products that will make your job fitting into vehicles simpler, quicker, easier and cheaper.

Fully interchangeable with existing slide and tilt systems already out there.

Remember, we designed, make and own all the tooling for what you see, if you require a modification to a certain part call us, its our job to keep you happy.