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Slide & Carry

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Double Deck Load Securing System

  • "A Quicker and Safer Load Securing System"


  • The new “Slide & Carry” system from CV Rollers is a truly simple and driver friendly roof retractable load securing system which meets the new DVSA guidelines and keeps drivers and other road users safe.


  • The restraints can be moved to the front and back of the load area with very minimum effort from the operator at ground level from either side of the vehicle ensuring the restraints are in position above each load extremely quickly.


  • “Slide & Carry” systems are available in standard strap, net, and double deck formats depending on the needs of the operator.

Just a quick not to say how impressed and pleased  we are with the CV Rollers system we have installed in most of our  vehicles.


When we started to look at the ways to  comply with the new restraining laws, we very quickly came to the conclusion that CV Rollers system was the one for us, with the ease of movement over the  load, before the straps were required.


The driver feedback has been very good, once a bit of Driver training was given, with loading time being massively reduced.


So next time we order any new vehicles, we will give you a call.


Thanks again for all your help, very much appreciated.



Best Regards,




Mr Andy Seagrave

A.F.S.Haulage (Transport Manager)

At last a system that actually delivers all the promises and a sales man that is actually interested in what your company needs and is not just reading off a script.

It took us a while to find C.V Rollers but I’m glad we did

Many thanks to Justin and all the people at C.V Rollers


Lee Parker 

Arden Wood Shavings

Cartwright has won a major order from the Culina Group for the company’s Culina Logistics and Great Bear brands.

The trailers, which comprise 4.7m and 4.2m curtainsider semi-trailers, are all EN12642XL rated, each with a strapping system (CV Rollers) which is DVSA compliant.  

“Our fleet is at the frontline of our operation and is a representation of our business. The purchase of these new trailers shows our commitment to the continued investment in the Culina Group Fleet.”

Mark Matkin

Culina Group Fleet Manager

Roof Retractable Load Securing Systems

Fix and Forget Solutions

Strap Load Securing Systems

Standard strap systems are made up of 13 single straps that move independently up and down the trailer allowing you to secure individual pallets hassle free. Strap systems are good for all round applications.

System can be fitted in as little as 20 minutes per 44ft trailer.

Net Load Securing System

Net systems are more specialised than strap systems and are best suited to applications such as bags, barrels or other unorthodox shaped loads. They are also well suited to delicate loads that strap systems may damage if over tightened.

Double Deck Load Securing Systems

Double Deck Systems allow the operator to secure loads on two separate decks. Each beam carries a top and bottom strap that work independently from one another, meaning that the bottom deck does not require tracks to be fitted to work.

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Our Systems Save You Money

Average time saved loading                        10 minutes

Average time saved unloading                    15 minutes

Time saved on two loads per day                50 minutes

Time saved over 5 days                                 4.16 hours

Average vehicle speed                                        30 mph

Total distance extra per week                         125 miles

Profit per mile                                                          £2.00

Additional earnings per week                             £250.00



Extra earnings per year at 52 weeks             £13000.00

These calculations are based on a 13 strap system for straight frame trailers.


The time and cost benefits on a double deck trailer are significantly higher

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